Five Things

{Love: waking up to the aroma of peonies}
Summer should be all about getting out and exploring and that is exactly what my weekend will consist of. From a trip to the local farmers market, basketball on the beach, sunset boat rides, exploring new beach towns and a trip to an art and crafts fair the weekend is sure to not disappoint.   P.S. Follow me on Instagram!

 {Favorite ice cream spot: Erma's}
 {Super cute flower cookie my aunt made}
nails: OPI 'Suzi's Hungary AGAIN!'

{This guy loves being in the car}
{Palm trees and pedicures}
already a flip flop tan line


  1. HOORAYYYY to flip flop tan lines!!!!

  2. love the nail color! i can't find peonies any longer at my farmer's market, i hope they're not done for the season already. yours is stunning!

  3. That flower cookie is GORGEOUS! I love it.

    Have a wonderful weekend. I need to head to the farmer's market this weekend :)

  4. Frozen custard sounds delicious!

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