Doggy Discoveries: Pawalla

Did you know that you could sign your dog or cat up to receive a monthly box of goodies? Since Jack loves getting presents particularly when they’re in the form of a new toy or treat getting him a monthly subscription is a no brainier. I recently tried out Pawalla (products are based on pet size and age) and not only did I like what the box had in it, Jack absolutely LOVED it especially the squeaky lion. I think getting this box is a lot of fun and I highly recommend it if you have a dog or cat. Have you ever tried a monthly subscription for your pet?
 What was in the box: 
• REDBARN Naturals Lamb-BAA-DA (I couldn’t give this to Jack because it was wet food)
• REDBARN Naturals Stewey Louie (I couldn’t give this to Jack because it was wet food)
• Balloon lion squeaky toy (Jack LOVES it)
• I (heart) Pet Head Dry Clean Blueberry Muffin Spray Shampoo (LOVE)
• Dynamo Dog Salmon Treats for skin and coat (Loved)
• Dynamo Dog Pumpkin and Ginger Treats for digestive support (Really Loved!)
{The Dry Clean shampoo is amazing especially if you have a dog with dry skin}
{Jack loves the lions tail}


  1. How wonderful! I need to get my doggy a box like this! I should get a subscription for Pluto.

  2. Amazing... where can I get one?

  3. How cute. I will have to check into the dry shampoo. Belle has caught on to all my tricks to give her a bath.