DIY: Stepping Stones

 {Stepping stone for Jack's area of the yard}
One of the simplest and cheapest ways to add character to your yard is with stepping-stones. The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing your stones. I wrote on mine with skewers and also placed stones on them from Lake Michigan. I also decided that I would be making more this weekend to use as Christmas presents for family.

What you need: 
• Quikcrete (I bought an 80 pound bag at Home Depot for $4)
• Planter trays (also bought at Home Depot .89 each)
• Bucket (I bought a 5 gallon bucket from Home Depot)
• Small gardening shovel (to pour the cement in your molds)
• Something to stir the cement with 
• Water (I just used the hose outside)
• Skewers (for writing)
• rocks, beach glass, tiles, glass stones…etc

 {I bought the yellow bag}
 {Add enough water to make the cement pancake batter consistency}
 {Shovel into mold}
 {Shake to flatten}
 {Place your decoration such as stones on right away}
This will ensure they sink a bit into the cement
 {Wait about an hour before you write on them or until semi-set}
You will want to go over what your write a few times during the next few hours to make sure it's legible.
 {Notice how the stones have semi sunk in}