DIY: Citrus Summer Bouquet

During the warmer months I love to give vases an extra touch of color by adding citrus slices. Peonies (from my parents backyard) paired with lime slices offer the ideal pink and green accent to any room. You can see what I have done to vases previously here and here.
Step 1: Cut up your citrus slices.
Step 2: Place a smaller vase inside a larger vase (or container of your choice).
Step 3: Fill the outside portion of your container with citrus slices.

Step 4: Stack your citrus slices on each other.
Step 5: Pour water into the inner vase and enjoy your summer bouquet.


  1. Peonies are my absolute favorite! Thanks for stopping by Comfy Cozy Couture and being my newest follower! XoXo

    Dominique {}

  2. I love peonies and those are beautiful! Such a cute idea! I love the preppy look of the pink and green!

  3. Cute idea! How long do the limes last like this?

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