Five Things

 {Big lilacs, little vase}
I live in a tourist town and while everyone is piling in for Memorial weekend for plenty of sun and beach time I am heading down to Detroit to spend time with my family. This weekend will consist of plenty of time spent outside, barbecues, picnics, bocce ball and even a trip to the Tigers game.  What are your plans for the holiday weekend?
 {Simmering: rosemary, lemon and vanilla extract to freshen up the house}
 {Newest flower garden accessory}
 {The first signs of summer: ripe strawberries in the backyard}
{Finding the perfect spot for new pillows}


  1. Your lilacs are so pretty! We have huge lilac bushes just off of our deck. They are so pretty right now and smell wonderful.

    Happy Friday!

  2. I love lilacs! Unfortunately ours got bitten by some frost this year and didn't do much.