Doggy Discoveries: ThunderShirt

At 2:30 in the morning on Monday, Jack experienced his first thunderstorm. The lightning was bright enough to light up the whole house and the thunder was shaking it. Jack started to bark, whimper, shake, pant and all together freak out. It was my first opportunity to try out the ThunderShirt and hope for the best. I can honestly say I definitely was not disappointed. If you have a dog with any kind of anxiety I HIGHLY recommend getting them a ThunderShirt. You will be amazed at what a difference it makes.
Immediately after putting the ThunderShirt on Jack he not only calmed down, but laid down and went back to sleep. I was amazed that a simple “shirt” was able to provide him with the comfort and ease he needed without needing medication.

What is the ThunderShirt?
It applies a gentle constant pressure that has a dramatic calming effect on your pooch. As an added bonus no drugs are involved.

Perfect for, any type of anxiety
• storms
• fireworks
• separation
• travel


  1. He is so freaking cute. I'm glad the thunder shirt worked for him! I've been curious about it - I have a rescue pit bull who gets anxious around new people.

  2. oh my word I can't even handle how cute this is lol

  3. He is so cute!! My dog gets real bad anxiety in the car, so we got a thunder shirt for her and it has done wonders! So glad it has helped your pup :)

  4. Both of my dogs are huge, but they're both babies when it comes to thunderstorms, so they each have one! I love that you had his name embroidered on his--too precious!

  5. wow...I think I may have to try it for my dog! She has those same symptoms.

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