Five Things

 {DIY project coming soon}
The week began on a trying note. Jack ripped the pads of his paws while running around at the park. So the pain of ripped pads and teething has made the week a little overwhelming. On a positive note the temperatures will be in the 40’s and after low teens it will feel like the perfect weather for BBQing. P.S. Next week we’re talking Easter baskets!
 {the blue/gray walls need to go lemon and mint are in}
 {early Easter basket from my mum}
 {the only thing getting Jack through teething}
{tulips in the sunlight}


  1. Love those wall colors - and Jack is looking adorable as usual. I hope his pads get better soon!

    xx Emily

  2. I hear you on the teething, our pup is on going thru the chewy toys! xx

  3. Your mom is the sweetest, what a cute easter basket! oh and tulips are lovely, I'm planning on getting a bunch this weekend at the market :)