Trending: Fall 2013 Handbags

It may have just snowed two feet in the past two days here, and I might be channeling spring in every way possible. Nevertheless I can’t help but share these fabulous handbag trends for fall. From Tory Burch’s gem incrusted bags, Kate Spade’s statement clutches and sporty bags from Michael Kors, to a retro look from Marc Jacobs and my favorite J. Crew’s slouchy bags there is a little something for everyone. Or try a style you may have not seen yourself accessorizing with. Which is your favorite?


  1. I love the white studded one! I can't believe you're already talking fall! Spring and summer need to come first :)

  2. Whilst the average fashionista may not be able to part with the cash needed to buy one of these fantastic Celine bags online, it is surely a sign of things to come with other quirky and practical clutches set to become popular throughout 2013.