Runway Fall 2013: Beauty Trends

{the ponytail}
I love seeing all of the new trends that emerge during New York Fashion Week. Just as the leaves change each fall designers allow us as the consumer to create a new look, with old favorites like dark polish and a new favorites such as crimson lips for a dramatic look. Here is a peak at my favorite trends straight from the runway.  What are your favorite trends?
 {blue & green eye shadow}
 {black matte nails}
 {sleek center part}
 {framed nails}
 {elegant updos}
{studded nails}


  1. Love your fashion trend pics. My daughter is a fashion major studying in NYC this semester and had the awesome opportunity to attend several of the shows at the MBFW a few weeks ago.

  2. I like the framed nails and the sleek center parts. Very pretty!

  3. The studded nails is my favorite! I would stud just about everything if I could.