Five Things

 {Jack is loving his preppy seersucker shirt from American Digs}
This week all things girly have been inspiring me, from the heart suncatcher in my living room to new d├ęcor for the bathroom. It’s the little things that are getting me through this snowstorm (which is going to leave me snowed in this weekend). My weekend will be filled with time in the kitchen making treats for Jack, Mardi Gras and Valentine’s Day themed goodies. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! xx
 {new wall decor for the bathroom}
 {valentine: kitchen towels, soap and washcloth}
 {favorite lotion: Udderly Smooth Body Cream}
The name my be a turn off, but honestly this is the BEST lotion I have ever used!
{valentine suncatcher}


  1. I have heard that udderly smooth is amazing - never tried it though!

  2. Oh my goodness he is TOO cute for words! What a little sweetie :)

  3. His seersucker shirt is too cute!! Love that valentine's day suncatcher!

  4. Have a great weekend, and stay safe in the blizzard! Jack is just too cute!

  5. Udderly Smooth is actually used on cow udders too! My dad is a dairy farmer and uses it and "Bag Balm" to keep their udders soft and smooth.