DIY: Heart Candle

Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly, no matter if you are spending it with girlfriends, a significant other….etc. Spoil yourself with a DIY heart candle martini glass….the hearts glow when the candle is lit!
Step 1: Place foil in the cavities of a muffin tin.
Step 2: Melt wax in your desired heart color and pour into a foil cavity.
(I melted a half used Yankee Candle)
Step 3: While your heart wax is cooling melt your main color. Spoon a small amount into your martini glass and insert the wick.

 Step 4: While wax is still semi soft cut out your heart shapes.
Step 5: Press wax hearts to the side of your glass while they are still pliable. Once they become firm they will not stick to the glass and you will get your main color between the hearts and the glass.
Step 6: Pour in your main color and allow to harden.
 Step 7: Light and enjoy!


  1. this is so cool and easy to do!! i still have plenty of time before valentines day to make this candle

  2. How do you think of this stuff!? So great! Love your ideas girl


  3. So simple and great!! It looks really awesome and it´s very easy to do!

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  4. This is precious and such a great little decoration!

    Hayley Kiah @ Classy In KC

  5. Cute candle! Love this DIY!


  6. Wow, this is a really cool idea! Maybe I should give candle-making a try!

  7. These are adorable! I feel like I should give it a try (though I'd probably end up blowing up the entire house... haha)

  8. this is adorable! what a great idea!


    Erin @