Confessions of a Dapper Dog: Winter

Since I receive a ton of questions and comments about Jack’s wardrobe I thought it was only appropriate to talk about his winter wear. Jack joined my family in November, and since frigid temperatures and a one-pound puppy do not mix well a jacket became a necessity. When temps dipped lower I decided on buying him a couple sweaters and from there Jack’s winter wardrobe just began to increase. Here is a peak at what the dapper doggy has been wearing for the past few months.
{first jacket: petsmart}
 {the bad boy jacket: from glamma}
 {fleece vest: gift}
{everyday jacket: walmart}
{preppy sweater: petsmart}
 {stylish pea coat: gift}
 {fleece pajamas: made by glamma}
 {moose sweater: petsmart}
{plaid pea coat: from gift}