Zoya Lovely (Spring 2013)

Lovely is Zoya’s spring 2013 collection featuring six new shades in pastel cream and shimmery metallic finish. This collection has me eagerly waiting spring to arrive, which has now resulted in me putting away all my snowmen and breaking out the pastels. 
Gie Gie is a cotton candy shimmery metallic. It’s very sweet and feminine and a quintessential shade for spring.
Julie is a lavender shimmery metallic, and is also a soft and feminine shade. Another springtime must-have.
Piaf looks like mustard yellow in the bottle, but when polished on it’s more of a dusty lemon shimmery metallic.
Jacqueline is a nude crème with a hint of yellow. Zoya does nudes best and they really made this one perfect for spring.
 Neely is a soft mint green crème, this shade looks gorgeous on.
Blu is a pale muted blue crème that channels a toned down robins egg color, very pretty.

Overall: Love, love, love this collection. As cliché as it is I still adore pastels spring and was thrilled to see a nail polish collection featuring colors that scream spring. Forget the darks for winter I am definitely wearing these shades now!


  1. I had the Julie in my shopping bag and didn't buy it! I'm kicking myself now! Do you know they have a promo going on right now where you can get 3 free polishes??? It's a fabulous deal!

  2. Gorgeous collection! I am 100 percent ready for spring!

  3. SO happy to see Spring things - I am over winter! I really like the look of Julie and Jacqueline!

  4. Gorgeous colors, exept the Piaf, which is not my cup of the. Love the Jacqueline!

  5. i have a sick addition to nail polish! love this!

  6. neely is my favorite color on that list!