Two Thousand Twelve

{Visited the south for the first time: New Orleans}
2012 was a wonderful year filled with plenty of change, including moving back to Michigan and buying my first puppy. The new year brings with it lots of promise, exciting new adventures and moments I cannot wait to share with you. Here’s to a new year. Being thankful for the last and grateful for your continued support, thoughtful and encouraging comments. Happy New Year! xo
{Valentine's Day flower arrangement}
{Visited Washington D.C. for the Cherry Blossom Festival}
{Fell in love with the pink & gold color combination}
{Created a whimsical planter}
{Spent the weekend on Mackinac Island}
{Celebrated the 4th of July with sweets}
{Took multiple trips to Yates Cider Mill for donuts and cider}
{Saw the first U of M game of the season}
{Decorated the porch for fall}
{Bought this cutie}
{Made sweet smelling holiday theme candles}


  1. Happy New Year! You had a fun filled 2012 and I hope that 2013 is just as good of a year for you.

  2. Your year and every picture was truly lovely!

  3. Adorable pup! :)

    Love the Mackinaw Island picture - spent a weekend up there this summer too, and it was just perfect.

    I'm in Ann Arbor, btw (finishing our convo from your comment on my blog). Hope you're enjoying the eastern side of the state!

  4. Looks like a great 2012! Cheer to 2013 ahead!

  5. What a beautiful year, I am in love with your puppy!!!

    I am now following your blog, thanks for the comment on my blog :) Happy New Year!

    Janine xx

  6. Lovely pictures! I grew up in Michigan and your post has made me very nostalgic! I used to go to Yates all the time in the fall and Mackinac Island is such a gorgeous spot!

  7. Happy New Year, and here's to a great 2013!

  8. loved your year in review and cuteeee pup!

  9. A great year in review! Happy New Year! xo

  10. It's important to focus on the wonderful things that happened. Love the candle!

  11. Happy 2013! I'm getting back into blogging and am excited to start reading yours again! It looks like the past year treated you quite well. Your new puppy is super-adorable!!!

  12. Happy 2013 chickadee! I'd have to say I love the pink and gold combination too, it's the theme of my new office.