Five Things

{pink, yellow and purple tulips}
The week may have began on a scary note leaving me thankful note that my dad is such a top-notch driver, and was able to safely get us out of the dangerous snowsqualls that took over the expressway. While the week ended on an exciting note…. with Jack. This weekend I am at my parents working on some projects and recipes with my mum. What are you up to this weekend?
{working on jack's valentine's outfit}
 {currently loving: grapefruit}
{fabric for some clothing for Jack}
 {cold night essential: soup and homemade bread}


  1. I love grapefruit too - so delicious!

  2. I need to pick up some grapefruit this weekend! Great photos and have a lovely weekend.

  3. Jack is going to be so spiffy for Valentine's Day! I am obsessed with grapefruit lately, too! I go in phases with it!

  4. Those tulips are gorgeous! Glad you're safe. Some of this weather has been so crazy in Ohio--makes for very scary driving.