Party Girl Commandments

It's the holiday season, which can mean only one thing: It's party time girls! Whether it’s a small get-together, holiday soiree or dinner with family - knowing how to navigate the room with ease is crucial.

Your Arrival
  • Thou shall arrive within the first 30 minutes.
  • Thou shall thank the host for a beautiful party and provide the host with a small gift such as a candle, ornament...etc (most people bring alcohol so be different).
  • Thou shalt not be tacky and bring uninvited guests.
Drink, Drank..... don't get Drunk
  • Thou shalt not drink excessively.
  • Thou shalt not present thyself a sloppy mess.
In Regards to Drinking and Eating
  • Thou shalt not drink excessively or present thyself as a sloppy mess.
  • Thou shalt not double dip (put the dip on a plate).
  • Thou shalt not over eat.
  • Thou shalt only clean teeth in the background.
  • Thou shalt not complain.
  • Thou shall avoid topics pertaining to work.
The Departure
  • Thou shalt not “pop in” to the party for 15 minutes and leave
  • Thou shall always say good-bye to the host.
  • Thou shalt not ever leave before dessert is served. 
What are your Party Girl Commandments?


  1. I love all these reminders! Wish everyone would follow them haha!

  2. These are fantastic commandments! I agree with Annie, I wish everyone would follow them. The only one that can't sometimes be helped is the one that is about only staying 15 minutes. I hate it when you know the person has nothing else to do, but we've actually had three events in the same evening and attended each---but we stayed longer than just 15 minutes at all of them. :)

  3. Love all these! Thanks for posting. Would it be okay to send this to all my friends/family with a note that says Hint Hint? ha!

  4. These are great!!!! Now if only my family/friends would all heed this wonderful advice!!!

  5. Very good advice - especially not bringing just the regular wine as a hostess gift.

  6. Great tips. I think you covered it all!