Crave or Save: Loafer Lust

The loafer/smoking slipper is a big trend this autumn. The shoes have a classic cut, come in all sorts of patterns and colors and are perfectly comfortable. As per all trends they come and go so quickly sometimes the ‘expensive’ version just isn't worth the money, such as these DV by Dolce Vita loafers that look strikingly similar to a $20 version at Target.


  1. Tried on the fuchsia color ar target. They run half a size big FYI, and are a great copy cat. Target seems to have cornered the market on copying dolce vita :)

  2. Wow they look exactly the same. Fuschia? I am so getting some.

  3. I bought the fuschia Target ones, but then returned them, because I wasn't sure how I felt! Now I can't find my size anywhere and am regretting it!

  4. Very Cute! I love the knock off as much as the real deal.

  5. So cute!! I am heading to Target tomorrow!

  6. Saw those in Target - love!

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  7. THE SAVE, for sure! :)
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