Spicy Dream

While summer has a loud approach to fashion with bright colors, fall is all about sophistication. Spicy Dream is Jessica Cosmetics fall collection filled with six enticingly sophisticated and whimsical colors perfect for 9-5 or a night out with the girls. What do you think of this collection?
 {pumpkin delight}
Pumpkin Delight is the perfect burnt orange combined with red and gold glitter. Creating the quintessential fall polish. 

Gingersnap is a deep golden hue with flecks of red and orange glitter - this polish screams autumn.
 {champagne bubbles}
Champagne Bubbles is a white/silver base with gold and silver glitter, and is my new Sunday brunch must have polish.
 {crimson tattoo}
Crimson Tattoo is a vampy purple/red jelly. The color reminds me of OPI’s Linkin dark after dark but with a moodier tone.
 {cinnamon kiss}
Cinnamon Kiss is a vampy red over a blacked base with a subtle touch of simmer.  
{brown sugar}
Brown Sugar is a hot chocolate brown with the subtlest silver simmer.


  1. Where did you get these Jessica Cosmetics? I kinda want them, just because my name is Jessica... lame I know!

  2. I like that crimson and cinnamon! I need to get my fall colors together.

  3. I love the cinnamon kiss one - very pretty.

  4. I love champagne bubbles!! So pretty and elegant.

  5. oo, I really like these for Fall. Especially the second to the last one.

  6. Champagne Bubbles, Cinnamon Kiss, and Pumpkin Delight are my kinda colors - gorgeous for fall!!