11 Ways to Beat the Heat

We are already half way through July and the temperatures are holding steady in the high 90’s. As a result it is making it miserable to spend time outside. Here are 11 ideas for beating the summers heat. 
1. Make a batch of homemade ice cream (old fashioned vanilla)
2. Create new candles from left over wax of candles you have burned.
3. Spend sometime in front of the mirror creating different hairstyles (fishtail braid, ballerina bun).
4. Create your own summer signature cocktail.
5. Play classic backyard games (croquet, bocce, badminton) in the backyard at sundown.
6. Buy some watercolor paints and have some fun! Paint cards for friends and family or create a unique art piece you can frame for your house.
7. Create an indoor herb garden.
8. Crank up the AC, and try out a new cookie recipe (banana split cookies).
9. Rearrange a room in your house to create a new vibe.
10. Make a small basket with napkins, candies, a drink in a nostalgic bottle and popcorn for an impromptu movie marathon (with girlfriends or alone).
11. Give yourself a DIY mani/pedi with a fun design (sunset manicure).


  1. All great suggestions! Its just turned very hot and humid here, totally overcast and will be like this for at least a month now so this gives me some good ideas for how to pass my weekends! Thanks hun :)

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING xxx

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  2. I love your suggestions. It really is getting super hot every where!

  3. Fun ideas! Now I just need to do them:)

  4. Those are all great ideas... I could stick the candles outside to melt them into a creation. ;) I'm over Summer already! WHERE IS FALL!?!?!? LOL xoxo A-

  5. I LOVE those sunset manicure colors!!!

  6. We made homemade ice cream a couple weeks ago, and it was delicious! It has been in the 90s and 100s here, too. Way too hot!

  7. I'm behind that summer cocktail idea! Great inspiration!! :)

  8. cranking up the AC and making cookies sounds like a great idea :)

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  9. all great ideas! That ice cream looks so good! I love the idea of trying a new cookie recipe:-)

  10. I'm all about Summer movie marathons, in fact I'm posting about them today!