DIY Watermelon Wreath

While I was trying to come up with an idea for a summer wreath I thought of the fact that nothing screams summer quite like fresh fruit (namely watermelon) on a hot summers day.  The easiest way I came up with for recreating a watermelon was using deco mesh, which offered a perfectly whimsical touch to otherwise drab front door. I bought the deco mesh and the work wreath form from here

 {supplies: 21" deco mesh in hot pink, lime + apple green + 24" work wreath form}
 {bend your work wreath form into a football shape and straighten the wire branches}
 {unroll the mesh and bunch it together a couple inches in from the end}
 {secure to a wire branch on the outer ring. twist the wire branch around the bunch to secure}
 {to form the puff: gather 11" length of mesh, bunching the end together and bring it back to the center for a fuller look}
{use the same concept above as you continue to add colors to the wreath}
{cut black teardrops out of felt and hot glue to the pink portion for seeds}


  1. How cool is this? It'd make a great present topper too! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Cute wreath and such a fun project! That will make a door looks summer-y. I hope you had a great weekend and have a wonderful Monday.

    Twirling Clare

  3. Adorable!! I love this idea, it's so cute and fresh!

  4. There is no end to your awesome crafty ideas!

  5. beautiful DIY - so talented!

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    Best of luck and keep in touch.

    Cheers, Jacquie

  6. That is ADORABLE!!!! I LOVE!!!!!

  7. That is the cutest wreath ever! Love it =) Your blog is lovely!

    Suzie Q

  8. This is so cute! Way better than any ugly wreath I've seen LOL