DIY Floral Cake

Here’s a cake with zero guilt. The floral cake is a must have at my parties, and it’s also the perfect gift for the person who has everything.  Displayed on a cake pedestal it can make a gorgeous centerpiece. I love to bring this floral cake as a gift when I go to someone’s home, by placing it in a pastry box, you are sure to bring a smile to the recipients face.
What you’ll need
• 50 mums(approximately)
• 60 spray roses (approximately)
• Brick of wet floral foam
• Candle(s)
• Cake pedestal 
1. Cut the brick of floral foam in half. Using a steak knife cut the foam into a cylinder. I cut off all four corners first and then shaved off the “pyramid” shaped edges to create a cylinder. You can also use a lid that is as wide as the floral foam, as a guide for cutting.  Helpful Tip: This might look small, but after adding flowers you will have a 9 inch cake
2. Soak the foam in water and place it on a cake pedestal   Helpful Hint: when soaking floral foam, place it in a sink full of water and let it absorb the water naturally. Do not force the foam under the water, you will create air pockets, and reduce the amount of water the foam will hold. 
3. Real cakes have a piped on boarder on the top and bottom. To create this look cut the spray roses, leaving about an inch of the steam, and insert the stem into the foam, pushing the flower until it can’t go any further.  Repeat around the entire bottom of the cake. Helpful Hint: Be sure that you are placing the flowers in straight.
4. After completing the bottom row, you will now be using the mums; cut them the same way you did the spray roses.  Place the mums on top of the first layer, repeat around the cake and then repeat for a second row of mums.  Helpful Hint: Be sure to keep your flowers close to give it a fluffy frosting feel
5. When the third layer of flowers is in place, insert a fourth row, that will be the spray roses (piping) at the top of the cake. This completes the sides. 
6. Now let’s decorate the top. Start by inserting flowers at the outer circumference and work inward. Continue to add flowers until you have filled the empty space. Here is your opportunity to add a candle(s) to the center, and you are done....piece of cake. 


  1. That's really pretty and seems so easy!

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  3. wow that turned out really pretty and it sounds like something I can actually do without screwing it up.

  4. So cute! It looks simple enough for me to even attempt :)

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  5. This is so cute! Perfect for so many occasions. I might even be able to pull it off and that's really saying something! I'm going to add it to my tablescape board on Pinterest.