Five Things

 {nail polish I packed and brought to my parent's house}
This week has been crazy.... I am staying in Michigan at my parents until the end of February - living out of my suitcase. Decided to start up Weight Watchers again... feel free to share any good healthy recipes you have!!!! xo
 {mini trip to Frankenmuth}
 {the quickest way to ruin a manicure}
 {new stationary}
{new cute valentine's plate}

thank-you card etiquette

It seems as though the art of writing thank-you notes is being forgotten by many. Two years ago I went to a good friend's wedding, bought an expensive gift - yet I never received a thank-you. Thank-you notes are a courteous gesture to let the gift giver know you appreciate what was given to you. My mum taught me to always write a thank-you note anytime I received a gift. The holidays have come and gone so buy some fabulous stationary, and get your thank-yous out! Here are a few tips to help you along the way:
The Basics:
• Put the full date in the top right corner
• Include a salutation depending on your relationship with the recipient. "Dear Aunt Lori" for a closer relationship, or "Dear Mrs. Lori Smith" for one that is more formal.
• Indent your first paragraph just like you would for a paper.
• Use a closing such as "Sincerely," "Love," or "Warmest Regards" followed by your signature.

Some other help:

• Always hand write your thank-you note (emails are tacky).
• Get your note in the mail as soon as possible!
• Treat money and gift cards like any other gift. If you know what you will be purchasing with the money include that in your note. Never indicate the specific amount you received.
• Not just when you receive money but with any gift explain how you plan to use it.
"This candle will look great on my end table"
• Don't just say, "Thank you for the gift." Be personal say, "I can't believe you were able to find a jewelry box I had been looking all over for one."
• Reiterate your gratitude again at the end of your note.
• Never put fewer than three sentences.
• Remember it's the thought that counts! Even if you do not like the gift write a note!
• Buy stationary. Cards with complementary envelopes look much better than folded notebook paper stuffed in a plain envelope.
• Don't exaggerate. It may be obvious if you say, “The monogrammed soap is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!” Most likely you’ve seen better, so simply say, “The monogrammed soap was very thoughtful and will be perfect for the powder room.”

Do you write thank-you notes? Do you have any tips to share?

Dress to imPRESS

I am not talking about clothes I am talking about the new must have accessory...... imPRESS Press-On Manicure by Broadway. I love to change my nail polish to accent my outfit the downside of this was having to go to multiple Christmas parties. I knew that I would not have the time to wait for my manicure to dry each time I needed to change it. That is where imPRESS came in.
Why I am loving this press-on manicure
• No drying time
• No nail glue needed
• Looks like a real manicure as opposed to fake nails
• Easy removal
• Does not destroy your nails
• Last up to a week!
• Everyone thought they were my real nails and I received so many compliments.
• Oh and how cute is it that the nails come in a polish bottle!

imPRESS press-on manicure is the new must have accessory and manicure for 2012! I'll be wearing these for New Years... will you?

The nails can be found at Meijer, Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid, Walmart

Middleton Sisters in December

I love Kate Middleton and think she wears some fabulous outfits. Her sister Pippa on the other hand I don't really care for, but I do love her stylist fashion sense. Check out some of the outfits the girls have been wearing, and let me know what you think!

Gingerbread and Peppermint Christmas

{my parents Christmas tree}
Hope you had a Merry Christmas. Here are some pictures from my Michigan Christmas. We had a peppermint and gingerbread themed Christmas party.  So still the beans... what did you get for Christmas!
 {peppermint snowflake}
 {gingerbread and peppermint candy cookie bouquet}
 {gingerbread cookies}
 {dessert table}
 {more treats}
 {hot cocoa for the cocoa bar}
{the cocoa bar}

Five Things

 {church mouse on top of a white chocolate covered Oreo}
Home sweet home! Wednesday night I made it back to Michigan to spend the holidays with my family. Right away I started on cooking and baking projects with my mum as well as a shopping trip to my favorite mall ever... Somerset Collection! Have a Merry Christmas this weekend dolls! I can't wait to hear about all the fabulous things you received!
 {Current Nails: OPI Black Onyx with Nicole by OPI Follow Me On The Glitter accent}
Follow Me On The Glitter is from the Kardashian Kolors Kollection available at Walmart
 {Go Blue!}
 {homemade spiced apple cider!}
{made a couple Tory Burch purchases}

Holiday Hair Inspiration

Even with the hustle and bustle of the holidays I still continue to try new hair styles. This Christmas I wanted to try something completely different with my hair. Here are my favorite hair styles for the holidays. Which style do you like best? Which celebrities hair do you love to copy?

All I want for Christmas is Shoes!

{Christian Louboutin Bianca Hot Pink}
Every time someone asked me what I wanted for Christmas the first word out of my mouth is always "shoes". Here is a peak at my dream Christmas revolving around shoes.  What do you want for Christmas this year? Do you have expensive taste?