Trendy T-Shirt Necklace

While in college the t-shirt necklace was a fall staple. I had a variety of colors and would wear them instead of scarfs. Sometimes I would even layer them or create them with multiple colors mixed in.  It was a chic look that dressed up any outfit.
 You will need one t-shirt and fabric scissors. I made two different necklaces thus the two shirts. My shirts are from Old Navy and they cost about $5 a piece. You want to get fitted tees.
 Cut the t-shirt into strips up to the arm pit.

 Once you have all the strips cut out you will want to stretch each one individually.
 and stretch it some more
 Now you are going to lay them on top of each other to make a circle.
• note: you want to make sure that the seams line up so your necklace is not weird.
reserve one of the stretched fabric circles - you will use it later.
 Once you have stacked them on top of each other you are going to want to make a figure 8.
• note: your seams will now be lined up.
Your necklace will now be half the size - and will also seem small... it definitely stretches so have no fear.
Use the reserved fabric circle and wrap it around the seam end and tie it. This will be the back of your necklace.
• note: sometimes I would bread scrap fabric so a more polished finish. 


  1. That looks great! You seriously amaze me with all these crafts...

    xx Emily @

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