the many mani's of February

 {Below Deck by China Glaze}
 {Dannii by Zoya}
 {Dove by Zoya}
 {Chasity by Essie}
 {Gemma by Zoya}
 {Houston we have a Purple by OPI}
 {I Vant to be a Cowboy by OPI}
 {Jules by Zoya}
 {my lifesaver by Nicole by OPI from the Justin Bieber Collection}
 {Pelician Gray by China Glaze}
 {prized possession purple with one less lonely glitter over it by Nicole by OPI from the Justin Bieber collection}
 {Sunset Sail by China Glaze}
 {Too Hot Pink to Hold 'em by OPI}
{Y'all come back ya hear? by OPI}

These are all the polishes that graced my nails in February. What was your favorite color you wore?



  1. I had a deep red/marroon that I love. :)

  2. Totally loving the Y'all come back ya hear? by OPI. I can see that on my toes burried in the sand:) while laying out! YAY for spring!

  3. Hi! You can buy the original Zumba program on DVD from this site: I love the water marble nail art too, but so far I haven't managed to get it right, it just ended up all clumpy.

  4. I love the last one! You have some fly colors!

  5. Loving all these shades! I am such a nail polish junkie and I love seeing what other people are wearing!

  6. Love all the colors! I have a new shade of pink on and I love it!!!

  7. i love the first photo! very eye catchy!

  8. I love the chasity and the sunset sail. Nice collage.

  9. Can I just tell you how much I love these posts? The nail colors look like candy, and the montage of all the shades is very cool. :)

    Sending you a smile,

  10. The sparkly purple is the epitome of fun!

  11. The peach and orange polishes are lovely! They scream summer!

  12. OMG how fun! I remember all of these! <3 you have the most decked out nails ever!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  13. My Lifesaver by Nicole by OPI is such a fun shade. I might have to pick that one up for summer. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Lovely! I like how well you keep up with painting your nails! I usually have mine done every Sunday (if I am able to), but lately, it's been a matter of keeping one color and repainting over it as it chips! So pathetic!!!!

    I love the Bieber collection! Hahah!!!

    Have a great day!!!

    <3 Megan

  15. this is a really cute series!! - i wear Essie nail polish and i've had greens on latley ..

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    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  16. I loved all ur nail polish posts! I want ur nail polishes hehe!
    My fav is that Sail Sunset! Very Cute!

  17. Happy Thursday Erica :)
    Hope you have had a wonderful week!
    I love all your nail looks!
    How many bottles do you think you have, he he!
    I did paint my nails once, a green, not sure on the name of the color!
    Have a wonderful day!
    gi gi

  18. So many gorgeous colors! Hard to choose a favorite. My favorite that I wore was a light pink color from OPI for Sephora!

  19. No way! Ya'll come back now! Love it - must have it now!

  20. I like the Too Hot to Hold 'em and the orange. So cute! I think I need to buy some new polish!

  21. below deck and chastity are total faves. the orange at end is totally tempting me too. great colors girl!


  22. That super-glittery purple is gorgeous and so fun! You've got a talent with your nails, girl! I can hardly paint my own nails, that's why I have to stick to light colors!

  23. i must have sunset sail. ah-mazing. i will have it. haha.
    a giveaway!!! yay!!!

  24. I get so many compliments when I wear My Lifesaver! It's such a pretty color!

  25. Ohhh my, I can't believe I'm actually liking the Justin Bieb collection...but I am! The purple w the glitter? *Swoon*! too cute. Lovely job on this post, it was like walking into a Willy Wonka Factory of nail polish.

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  26. mani/pedi's are my fave little luxury! love all of these colors...i think the glittery purple is my fave!
    so glad i discovered a fellow mani/pedi lover today :)

    happy weekend!


  27. they are all sexy! I think the pelican gray is my absolute fave!!

  28. Love the hot pink one.