Back to Classics

{from left to right: The Renaissance, Forget Me Never, Don't Think Twice, Almost in love, Release My Heart and Romeo and Juliet}
Duri Back to Classics Collection
{The Renaissance}
The Renaissance is a medium lavender shade that reminds me of grape pop. Usually I am not a huge purple fan, but this color is very pretty. Outside in the sun it's beyond gorgeous.

{Forget me Never}
Forget me Never is a very bright pink creme. I am thinking this is going to be my go to color during summer. Against tan skin it would be beyond gorgeous.
{Don't Think Twice}
Don't Think Twice is a deep concrete gray. You know I love my taupes and grays this color definitely did not let me down it's absolutely fabulous. When i wore this to the mall a lot of people were asking me what color I had on my nails.
{Almost in Love}
Almost in Love is a cotton candy pink. Two years ago I was looking EVERYWHERE for a cotton candy pink shade. I had found multiple "cotton candy" colors but none were at up to my standard. That is until now.... Almost in Love is the PERFECT cotton candy pink. If you love pink this is a must have in your collection.
{Release My Heart}
Release My Heart is a pale apricot pink hue. For spring nudes are definitely the "in" shade. This is one of the most gorgeous nudes that I have come across.
{Romeo and Juliet}
Romeo and Juliet is a pearly white. It's a fun color to layer over other polishes.

My overall thoughts
I am loving the collection. I am a girly girl and while I love my dark polishes during autumn come spring and some of summer I am all about the intimate colors. Since I am a pink girl my favorite color in the collection is  Almost in Love I will definitely have it on my nails for a good portion of spring.  I am also loving Forget me Never for summer. Of course Release My Heart is my current favorite nude color out of all the ones that I own. So overall this is one of my favorite collections out this year.

What do you think of this collection?

What is your favorite color in the collection?


  1. I really love how girly the collection is--it's so bubblegum/candy shop! I am all about brighter colors once it's spring--good bye dark reds and deep purples!

  2. I love the light pink one best. So pretty.

  3. Oh my gosh I'm so excited about the Shabby Apple dress!
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    Thanks so much!

  4. I love the pink color - it's so pretty!

  5. The collection is a little too pastel-y for me, but it would look good on other people. It's very pretty! :)

  6. Luv the Renaissance and Forget me Never!

  7. i've never heard of Duri but these are great colors. I love Renaissance and Forget me Never!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  8. Im loving the "almost there" pale pinks lately....:)

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  9. oooh beautiful hues! I've never heard of duri before!!! I'm so behind on polish fabulousness! You keep me up to date though =)

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  10. Love the first one!

  11. The Renaissance is calling me! I really like that color.


  12. What a great color collection! So fun!

  13. Its a little tooooo much for me (but I think I'm less girly girl ;)). But I must admit, I kind of love Almost in Love. I really enjoy when you do these posts!!

  14. I prefer "Almost in Love" too!

  15. I love The Renaissance. You totally inspire me to paint my nails. Often. : )

  16. This summer, I will spice up my nails.
    Maybe we can follow each other?

  17. The violet one is something gorgeous!Love it!Follow me?On!