The manicures of Fall 2011 and how to create them

 {'Caviar' manicure}

Nail the 'Caviar' manicure As seen at the Cushnie et Ochs show
1.      Apply 2 coats of Dashing Diva’s Limo Service Polish
2.      Apply nail glue all over the nail
3.      Dip nails into black seed beads
4.      Sprinkle with black glitter
5.      Apply and activator spray to adhere
 {Cynthia Rowley blackberry bling}
 {Imitation nails by Dashing Diva in Date Night}
 {Jason Wu nails by CND}
 {Jeremy Scott Glitter Manicure by Dashing Diva}

Nail the Jeremy Scott 'Glitter' manicure at home
1.      Apply nail glue all over the nail
2.      Dip or sprinkle nails with glitter of your choice
3.      Top coat is optional, for a ‘rough-around the edges’ look like Jeremy Scott’s, do not apply!

 {Joy Cioci Nails by Zoya polished in Caitlin with a Dove for the french look}
{Nanette Lepore models nails were polished in clear and then a swipe of silver glitter was added to the tips}

{Ruffian revamps famous moon mani with a boy girl twist with CND's help}
 {Tibi neon pink nails by Dashing Diva}

 {minx nails at Katie Ermilio} 
 {Vena Cava nails and nail bands by Butter London}


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  2. I love the glitter and beaded nail looks :) inspiring

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  3. Love the glitter look!

  4. I love dark nails so much, but now I am ready to embrace lighter and brighter colors! Great post!

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  6. This make me realize how bad I need a freakin manicure! my nails are horrific!

  7. So much fun!
    I love the two different colored nails. That is a cute idea!

  8. So many great ideas!

  9. I love the nail bands. I may have to try this out.

  10. Fun post!! I adore dark nail polish!!!

  11. now if i tried to do this my left hand would awesome and my right hand would look tore up

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  14. You're like the queen of nails. I'm really surprised they don't send you free polish by the box!

  15. What a fun post! I'm not artistic at all! I need you to come do my makeup and nails ;)

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  17. all you girls who blog about nails astound me!! you always say how easy it is but I can never seem to make it work on me!! ai yi yi..either way, I still love reading the posts and I admire all you girls with these skills.

  18. I love the French tip look with two different colors instead of the usual clear and white. I want to ask for that next time I get a manicure!

  19. The Cherry Blossom girl did a great tutorial on the Jason Wu/Ruffian vintage manicure and I really want to try it!

  20. thank you so much.... i needed some new manicure ideas! Im so glad to be following you as well !!!!!!

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