I love my Whooga

{the Whooga Ugg Boot Box...... so cute!}

In case you missed my post about Ugg Boots check it out here. I talked about the newest fashion fact that I learned. Ugg is actually a style of boot and not a brand. I have multiple pairs of Ugg Australia boots that I will now be trading in for these insanely amazing Whooga Ugg Boots.
{my tall chocolate Whooga Uggs}

{love their cute logo label}

{the Whooga Ugg Boot box vs the UGG Australia box}
personally the box wins my heart right away

{on the left is my Whooga Ugg Boot and the right is my Ugg Australia Ugg Boot}
Whooga Ugg Boots are made of premium grade merino sheepskin and ThermoFleece, and let me tell you the cushion in the boots is extremely out of this world. Not to mention I found them to be a lot more comfortable than my Ugg Australia boots.

{note: please don't mind the tacky rolled up jeans... my leggings were in the wash}

Do you own a pair of Ugg Boots?



  1. Ugg boots are a must where I live, sometimes it's too cold to wear anything else! I will definitely have to check out this brand.

  2. I can't decide how I feel about the Ugg boots. :)

    Glad you found a WW dish to try out. Let me know how it turns out. I love to hear what others think.

    Have a good Wednesday!!

  3. I could not like without my Ugg Australia boots. Every year I add a new pair to my collection, perhaps this year I will try Whooga instead. Interesting fact about the Uggs, I always figured if they were not Ugg Australia then they were fake.

  4. thanks for visiting my blog! i LOVE yours. great fashion and food advice: i'm an immediate fan!

  5. I love those boots! I have been wanting some of those for myself. Thanks for sharing!

  6. i dont own a pair... bcuz im lame. and poor.
    womp womp.

  7. I have a pair of Ugg Australia boots. I believe that they are the most comfortable shoes that I own. I'll be glad when it's cold enough here in East TN to wear them...should be this weekend!

  8. I always assumed Ugg was a brand! Thanks for the info!!! I do own a pair but they were from Target. I don't wear them often enough to spend a bunch of money on them. You look so cute in them though! :)

  9. Those look cute- but I always see young people wearing them and think I'm too old for them. lol Strange I know.

  10. Ooh, I love your whooga's and that box kind of wins me over too :) So great you found an Ugg alternative (Btw, I can follow you now - yippee! The computer doctor fixed my computer hiccups yday :))

  11. i love them! i love both ;) i'm cheap and buy these kind of boots in the children section at target, ha!!
    cute pic of you girly!!

  12. I do own UGG boots - both under the UGG label and under the Sheepdog label. Not sure I could live without them...and I love the denim rolled above your boot! Looks cute!


  13. LOVE the boots! I have 2 pairs, brown & black. I'd LOVE to get a gray pair tho!!

  14. I might need a pair of these, love the color.

  15. mama needs a new pair of warm boots (that's what we call them at our house) i went cheap last year and they barely lasted me the season.
    and i of course follow!

  16. I don't own any...but they are so cute...maybe I'll ask for them for Christmas :)

  17. I personally hate uggs... on men or women, i wouldn't be seen dead wearing them.. lol but that's just me, i see many ladies love em. I don't think guys look any good in them, though.
    I think i'll stick to heels. I just need to readjust my walking skill here in Prague.. it's all cobbles!!!!!!

  18. Those are so pretty! I own 2 pairs..I love them as they are so cozy:)

    Ps: I am hosting a sweet GIVEAWAY today, please join in!

  19. I will never own a pair Ugg boots because they are bad for your feet and back.
    That being said, I would completely own a pair if they weren't damaging to your body.

    P.S. I've heard that Australians actually laugh @ Americans wearing Ugg boots outside because they're meant to be a slipper.

  20. Happy Wednesday Miss Erica!
    Is that YOU, look at you pretty lady! I don't know if you have post a pic of you before, but I had never seen ya!
    Love both the boots! I am a sucker for great packaging, ah ha ha, that didn't sound good!
    gi gi

  21. I don't own Uggs, primarily because I live in Phoenix :) I seriously still want to rock them though! Never knew about the brand/style facts. Is this brand in the same price range?

  22. Yes i do! I'm Australian so I came out of the womb in them! You're right though, Ugg's are just the style of boot, not the actual brand. They're all over Australia in a million different ma and pa shops and they're fabulous!
    xox tash

  23. I love my Uggs, but I need a new pair. Mine are about done. Maybe I'll look into these Whooga's!