Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Green Smoothie Goddess

I was always the girl that judged others for their green smoothie addiction. While I love smoothies the thought of adding spinach or kale was just obnoxiously disgusting. A couple weeks ago my aunt made her and I each a green smoothie for dessert. The color of it was less than appealing, but since she's never steered me wrong I gave it a try. To my surprise it was a fruity masterpiece of healthy goodness. Seriously, I couldn't taste the spinach at all. Since then I have been having a green smoothie daily and below you'll find my favorite recipe.

 I recently wanted to add some protein to my smoothies and had the opportunity to try out Manitoba Harvest's Hemp Hearts - I think I eat more out of the bag than I add actually add to my smoothie. They're one of my new favorite products. Definitely a great fiber and protein addition to any smoothie.

Green Smoothie Goddess
(I do not have exact measurements just add to taste)
handful of fruit (I used a strawberry, pinapple and mango combo)
Hemp seeds
splash of milk
small handful of spinach

1. Blend all ingredients together. Adding more milk as necessary.
2. Enjoy.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


I have always been a fan of prAna and usually browse their products at my local REI store and I am pretty sure I own the Ashley Capri Legging in every color. I am currently participating in the 30 days of yoga challenge (#TakeTheLeap) and was given the opportunity by SweatPink and prAna to try out a top and pants. Since Michigan weather has been less than stellar I went with cheery peachy outfit. The Tori Capri and Vinyasa Hoodie, both are equally comfortable and amazing for yoga. Plus you would not believe how many comments I receive on how cute my outfit is!

Remember your summer bodies are made in the winter so head on over to prAna's website and get some fantastic spring gear. The leggings come in some fabulous colors, not to mention they are beyond comfortable.

prAna offers clothing for people who live life fully, play long and travel well. prAna is focused on sustainability and their products are made from organic fabrics and natural fibers. They even ship in recycled packaging and they come tied in a bow! It doesn't get any cuter than that.

Want to get some sweet gear of your own?
Shop prAna today and receive 15% off your purchase with discount code: psps15FMF
Also don't forget to join in on the #taketheleap Instagram challenge from SweatPink and prAna, for a chance to win big!

More information on prAna:
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Life Content

I have always browsed Prana’s products in my local REI store and have purchased a few of their dresses. I hadn’t had a chance to test their workout pants and gear until given the opportunity through SweatPink. I was given the chance to try their Gabi Leggings and Gemma Sweater and I am in love with both. I gave them a test during a yoga routine.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Ice Ice Baby

This weekend I checked out the ice sculptures in my hometown. They were too cool not to share with you!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's Day

I was dreading Valentine's Day, being single and the sweetest day of the year just don't seem to go hand and hand. However it was probably one of my favorite Valentine's ever. Sure I didn't get flowers, but I spent the day with girlfriends, ate my body weight in cupcakes and enjoyed some movies.
 {made cheeky cookies for my favorites}
 {my cookies for my girlfriends sons Valentine's party}
 {mani + pedi party}
 {enjoyed a day at the movies}
 {ate my body weight in cupcakes}
 {checked out this movie}
 {enjoyed the ice sculptures}

Thursday, February 12, 2015

10 Ways To Be Sexier Right Now

How to be sexy is a precarious question. There’s no real formula and it’s more in the eye of the beholder.  However there are things you can do to increase your appeal

1. Always make eye contact.
Not only will this boost your own confidence, but it will have others see you as confident and in control, which I most cases is a sexy trait.

2. A good blow out.
When our hair looks bad, we often feel bad. Getting a blow out at your local salon or Dry Bar can immediately give you an extra hint of sex appeal.

3. Unfollow people who make you insecure.
Stop following people whose social media photos make you feel less than.

4. Borrow his shirt.
Time and time again guys say one of the sexiest things women can wear is one of their shirts.

5. Wear heels.
One of the quickest ways to feel sexier is by slipping on a pair of your highest heels for an empowering boost.

6.  You are what you sleep in.
Are you frumpy in flannel or sexy in satin?

7. Nix panty lines.
Panty lines are never sexy, ever. Invest in nude, seamless panties.

8. Play up your best features.
Love your eyes? Make them pop. Have fabulous lips? Gloss them up.

9.  Take up yoga.
Yoga brings stronger mind-body connections, which can result in you feeling a whole lot sexier.

10. Be comfortable in your own skin.
Complete confidence is the key component of sex appeal.