Susan G. Komen 3-Day® Michigan Takeaways

                                                                      This is a sponsored post. All thoughts, opinions and photos and my own.
I recently took part in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day® Michigan, and let me begin by saying the experience was so much more than I thought it would be. In just three days you will walk 60 miles, meet so many different people from all over, hear a variety of stories, and make lasting friendships. For those of you thinking about participating in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day® I highly recommend it – yes it’s hard, but you have no idea what you are capable of until you put your body to the test for such an amazing cause.  Here are some of my tips that will help you survive the Susan G. Komen 3-Day®.

1. Honestly, this is not a beauty pageant - you'll be walking a TON of miles and you'll want to be comfortable. To see what I wore check out my 3-Day gear here.

2. Bring sunglasses, and a hat.

3. Shoes should be a half size bigger.  This is super important – basically you’re feet are going to swell up, and you’ll be so thankful to have that extra wiggle room!

4. Hydrate!! I cannot stress this enough, I heard horror stories of people getting dehydrated, UTIs and more – so keep yourself hydrated. One of the medical crew member told me that if I am not using the bathroom at EVERY pit stop I am not properly hydrating myself. Pit stops are about every 3 miles or a little over.

5. Gatorade. While this falls under hydrating I thought I would give some tips with it – I watered my Gatorade down and was drinking it every other pit.

6. Sun Block. You definitely don’t want to get burnt.

7. Take part in training walks. They’re a great way to meet others who will be going through the journey, as well as help you prepare. You may think 20 miles a day is no big deal, in reality it is a big deal and properly training makes a huge difference in your experience.  I also highly recommend cross-training and not just walking, for me biking really helped me strengthen my legs. Also yoga is GREAT for learning some amazing stretches. 24 Week Training Plan or 16 Week Training Plan.

8. Go at your own speed. It’s not a race so go at your own pace.

9. Sweep. I didn’t sweep, however it’s okay if you need to – listen to your body and sweep when it’s necessary. People drive around in decorated vans along the route, if you can’t do it anymore, need a break etc they’re there to sweep you up.

10. Find buddies to walk with.  I joined this walk as a “solo walker”, but in all honesty you’re only alone if you want to be.  Before and after opening ceremony you can meet fellow solo walkers at the solo walker flag – easy way to get walking buddies! You can also start walking and see who is in your pace, talk to people everyone wants to talk to you and hear what you have to say.
After lunch on day one I met two amazing girls who had met each other in another city as solo walkers – we’re now all 3-Day besties and I can honestly say I would not of made it through day two without them. 

The girls I met have done a few walks before, this was my first and Day two was brutal for all three of us. My pace got increasingly slower, the blisters were kicking in, they were getting heat rash, but we POWERED each other through it, and really became each others cheerleaders to get back to camp (where we used the massage chairs for 45 minutes haha). My 3-Day besties and I are discussing doing the 3-Day in Philly next year, as well as meeting up for races in other states. One girl is from Denver and I will be heading out there Memorial weekend to do Bolder Boulder with her, so you definitely can create ever lasting friendships.
11. DO NOT get a pedicure before the event. I highly recommend allowing your calluses to build up for 3-4 months before the event; it’ll help reduce the amount of blisters you get.

12. Blisters. Don’t wait for a blister to popup – if you feel a hot spot use moleskin right away to prevent it.

13. NO new shoes. Make sure your shoes are worn in.  I brought two pairs of shoes one of my pairs was Mizuno (size 7.5) and the other was Saloman (size 7.5). I never wore my Mizuno’s as the Saloman’s were super comfortable for me (they’re my favorite to run in). I wear a 6.5/7 shoe so I definitely made sure to size up!
14. Try the Graham Slams! Peanut butter and jelly sandwiched between two thick graham crackers…. Sooooooooo gooooood!!!
15. Bring external battery chargers – you will have limited access to charging your phone.

16. Keep your phone in airplane mode to preserve battery.

17. Stretch BEFORE walking and anytime you have to stop at a crosswalk. Curb stretches are great and I would highly recommend learning some simple yoga poses that will help keep your body loose.

18. The mac and cheese at dinner is so good – make sure you get some!

19. Seamless socks – not having a seam rubbing against your toes makes a big difference and may even help preserve toenails.
20. Flip flop. They’re great for walking around camp, but you will also want them on day three at closing ceremony (you hold a shoe in the air).

21. Believe in yourself! You and your body are capable of amazing things, you can do it! While walking Day 2 (remember this day was brutal for me), I met Karrie – who is a breast cancer survivor, recently lost her BFF to breast cancer and recently found out she has cancer again (not breast – I just don’t want to get personal about her condition) – I broke down talking to her. We walked about 7 miles with her and I really appreciated every minute with her. Day three she saw me and came up to me and gave me a huge hug – so you truly never know who you will meet and what kind of impact the experience will make. 
You can still sign up for Atlanta, Seattle (I heard AMAZING things about this walk), Dallas/Fort Worth and San Diego (last walk and I heard it’s a crazy fun party along the OCEAN – yes please!!). Use ERICA10 to get $10 off your registration!!

Overall experience:
Opening Ceremony: Bring tissues; you’ll need them because the water works will fly. Very emotional. The stories you will hear, and people you will meet will just leave you completely speechless.

After the walk: Use the massage chairs, trust me they’re AMAZING and will make you feel so good. The trail mix bar was so neat, and definitely wish it would have been there day 2 and not just day 1.

Closing Ceremony:  When the survivor’s walk out you will cry, it’s emotional and will pull on your heartstrings. There were people that I saw repeatedly and talked to throughout the journey so when I saw them walk into the survivor circle a strong emotion came over me.

If you decide to do Michigan next year you will definitely see me crewing!!!

Michigan End of Summer List

Wait, it’s already August 1st? How did this happen? I feel like summer just started, and now it’s winding down. There are so many things I still want to do this summer, and in an effort to accomplish everything I decided to make a Michigan adventure check list. Okay Michiganders here’s 15 things that are on my list - what’s on your list for the remainder of the summer?
1. Indulge in superman ice cream
2. Have a bonfire on the beach
3. Attend a Tigers baseball game
4. Go to a drive-in movie (thinking about the Cherry Bowl)
5. Visit Eastern Market
6. Check out a waterfall
7. Take a trip to Leland
8. Discover a new (to me) bike trail
9. Hike Bald Mountain Recreation Area
10. Give Kayaking a try (Turnip Rock I’m looking at you)
11. Ride the dunes at Silver Lake
12. Visit a State Park I have never been to
13. SUP
14. Walk along the River Front
15. Go to a baseball game at Jimmy John’s Field

More Than Pink

 This post is sponsored by the Susan G. Komen 3-Day® and Fit Approach. All opinions are my own.
I’m on of those types of people where when someone says, “hey, let’s go do this” I usually say yes. So when the opportunity arose for me to participate in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day® I immediately said yes – for a couple of reasons:
1. This event is very close to my heart – my grandma had breast cancer and my aunt passed away from breast cancer.
2. I love the idea of spending time with people who are all participating for one specific cause – in this case ending breast cancer forever.  

So what’s the scoop?
Susan G. Komen 3-Day® is a 60-mile (yes 60 MILE) walk, that takes place over three days. I will be participating in the Michigan event August 4-6. Each day I will be walking an average of 20 miles and coming back to camp in a PINK tent (serious it doesn’t get cuter than that!). Over the past 14 years and 156 events more than $820 million has been raised which is absolutely AMAZING, and honestly I am so proud to be participating in this event. If you would like to participate with me CLICK HERE.
  Use discount code "ERICA10" for $10 off registration!

The amount of support they give you is absolutely amazing. You will get plenty of online resources, a personal 3-Day coach, and the resources to find other walkers near you to train with.

I am trying to stick with a playlist of 134-140bpm (beats per minute) as that’s recommended for me keeping the walking pace that works for me. It’s a little faster pace, however I am a faster walker and it’s the pace that keeps me motivated. On Spotify you can actually go walking and it will pick up your pace and pick out songs that are the bpm that you need. I also looked up music on YouTube by bpm. My playlist is a mix of old and new from country to rap.
Here is a peak at five songs from my playlist:
One Republic – All the Right Moves
Blur– Song 2
My Chemical Romance – Take Me Out
Pussycat Dolls – Don’t Cha
Dylan Scott – Lay it on Me
I will be completely honest; reading that it is a 60-MILE walk was a bit overwhelming. I mean 20-miles in a day sounds like a painful amount. I workout, hike, bike and even run sand dunes and even this amount of walking sounded too much for me. I mentioned something to one of my friends that I had the opportunity to participate in the 3-Day, but was concerned about the amount of mileage it would be, and his response was “I do 20-miles a day at work, you’re active you’ll be fine.” That right there helped get me into the right mindset to do this walk. Also, what’s really nice is I have been going for extended bike rides with him to get myself in shape and prepared for the walk.
1. Find your coaches on Facebook and love them. They’re going to be who encourages you and gives you the help and support that you need to get through the 3-Days.
2. Go to the training walks near you. I will be doing an 18-mile walk with locals this Saturday, and I am so excited to meet fellow walkers.

3. Start off with easier walks and work your way to harder ones. Make sure you include walking on a variety of different terrains, since you never know what you will run into.

4. STAY HYDRATED!! Drink drink drink

5. I was told most people average 3 miles per hour. At that rate you’ll be walking for about 7ish hours. That’s a slower pace that anyone can do if you set your mind to it. 

Current training from last week:
I walk and do a lot of cross training. The cross training really helps increase muscle strength and endurance, which will be key for me during this walk. I will be posting periodically on my personal Instagram account erica.terry. You can also stay up to date with me everyday with the workouts I’m doing and my eating on

AM: 3 mile run/jog
PM: cycle class (22 miles)

AM: Barre + Abs + Arms
PM: Strength workout
AM: hour walk
PM: cycle class (15 miles)

AM: strength workout + abs
PM: two hour hike

AM: 30 minute walk + abs
PM: three hours standup paddleboarding

AM: 12 mile bike ride
PM: 20 mile walk (took me about 5 hours)

AM: Yoga
PM: two hour bike ride

Now let’s talk about style, you know you want to be looking good and rocking some comfortable and cute clothing for the event. So you definitely want to check out the store to find some fabulous items for the event.

Here are some of my favorites:
Personal Mister: this bad boy will probably be a life saver especially since my event is in the middle of summer and it’s probably going to be ridiculous hot.

Hat: Let’s be real by Sunday I am not going to be looking my best, therefore I will be rocking this hat and a messy braid.
Drawstring backpack: Ideal for carrying items while you’re out walking, I’m planning on putting extra shoes, socks, first-aid kit and water in mine.
Tank Top will be great for keeping cool during the hottest hours of the day
Lounge Pants great for hanging out around camp
Duffle Bag ideal solution for keeping all your essentials in one convenient location.
Softshell Jacket because well it’s adorable!