I Carried a Watermelon

I definitely had the time of my life Friday night when I saw Dirty Dancing on tour at the Fox Theatre in Detroit. I watched Dirty Dancing for the first time in college at the “Maxi Pad” with girlfriends - we also played chubby bunny and I learned I could fit 9 jumbo marshmallows in my trap, but that’s a story for another day. The performance was better than I ever imagined it would be. The dancing was amazing – professional Dancing with the Stars status. They followed everything from the movie, which made the show even better. Plus, the audience really got into it, which was great. My favorite show that I saw live is Wicked and Dirty Dancing is right up there with it now.  

No Day But Today

Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes, how do you measure – measure a year? I recently saw Rent 20th Anniversary Tour on Broadway at the Fisher Theatre in downtown Detroit, and it was AMAZING! For me Rent holds a special place in my heart. Rent came out on DVD when I was in college and friends and I watched it… well an embarrassing number of times. So when I had the opportunity to see it live on Broadway, you know I obviously couldn’t pass it up – however it was a little bittersweet without my friends from college. I found myself comparing this show a lot to the original company, which isn’t fair when it had such a powerhouse like Idina Menzel. This company did have some serious pipes though, and really hit some crazy notes. The scene when Angel passes away almost had me in tears it was so beautiful. If this tour comes to your city I highly recommend seeing it, as it definitely will not disappoint.

Spring To Do List

Happy first day of SPRING! I am so excited for longer days and warmer weather. In anticipation of everything in bloom I started to compile a list of things that I want to do this spring. Here are 15 things on my list – what’s on yours?

Watch the sunrise
Enjoy sunsets
Donate clothes I haven’t worn in the past year
Try a new workout class
Spring clean
Buy fresh flowers
Have a picnic in the park
Try a new bright lip color
Decorate with potted plants and spring d├ęcor
Splurge on a new sundress
Host a Sunday brunch
Go for a random road trip
Plan a day to somewhere new
Get fresh produce at a farmer’s market
Try new salads with fresh ingredients