Exercise and Dietary Challenge

Have you ever embarked on an exercise and dietary challenge? Typically I am a Tone It Up (TIU) girl, but this October a new opportunity presented itself. One of my favorite trainers offered a 29-day exercise and dietary challenge that I knew I had to be apart of. Each Saturday she would give us what our challenges would be for the week, and throughout that week we’d accumulate points based on challenges we completed. I cannot believe how fast October went by, as this is our very last week with the challenge. In case you’re up for the challenge, I thought I would share what we are doing this week. I will be posting the challenge on my Instagram if you want to follow along!

10 burpees
Baked eggs in an avocado

15 plank up downs
2 servings of yellow fruits or vegetables (hello squash!)
20 jump squats to surrender
Make homemade nut butter (I think I’m going to do a few different nuts)

25 weighted squats
Quinoa pizza crust (definitely excited to give this a try)

30 bicycles (60 total)
Avocado fries with lime sauce

35 donkey wall kicks (I am the worst at these)
Peanut butter + yogurt dip for apples

40 high knees + all the other exercises through the week
Crockpot white chicken chili (so excited for this)

Hudsonville Pistachio Ice Cream

 this is a sponsored post. all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Have you heard the news? Pumpkin spice may be nice, but there’s a new ice cream flavor for fall and it’s one you’ll want to try. Hudsonville Ice Cream decided to break away from the trend and release a limited edition flavor for fall that will quickly become your new essential… Pistachio. That’s right, Pistachio ice cream has hit the shelves of your local grocery stores for a limited time and it’s packed with plenty of flavor. While I absolutely love pumpkin spice, I think they may have just brought me over to the “dark side” as I am obsessed with pistachio ice cream in a chocolate dipped waffle cone. Aside from pumpkin spice, what’s your favorite fall flavor?


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