USA Michigan Mittens

Anyone else super excited about the winter Olympics?  My favorite events are skiing, snowboarding and speed skating. The last time the winter Olympics came around Canada had the CUTEST mittens in the universe, I was completely jealous of how chic they were – especially since the USA didn’t have anything cute. MichiganMittens actually came out with USA mittens, and they are amazing! They’re super warm, adorable and MADE in the USA! So head over to Michigan Mittens and get yourself a pair of mittens and get ready to root on team USA with me.

Five Things

 {still loving the popcorn train}

Happy Friday, loves. Second week of the year is done, and I must admit I am so excited for this fresh start – not to mention the year is actually off to a marvelous start and is so much more than I ever imagined it would be, especially with how 2017 ended.  Here is what I have been up to the past week….
{snowy adventures with this guy}
 {the lake is getting a bit jammed up}

 {tried perogies for the first time}
{the ice has been crystal clear and gorgeous}

2018 Winter Activity List

Going to college in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan I quickly fell in love with winter, and all nature has to offer. Fast forward to the present, and I dread winter. In Michigan it’s always gloomy and gray and driving in the mess just gives me all sorts of anxiety. Winter depression kicks in and I find myself spending more time indoors wallowing than outside having fun. This year I am making it a point to get the most out of winter and have as much fun as possible. A huge helping factor is the guy I am dating runs at the same energy level as me and gets my sense of wander and adventure so we always have a ton of fun together which should hopefully rub off during the dreariest months of the year. Here are 9 things I want to do/try this winter. What’s on your list?
1. Ski or Snowboard
I have never tried either before, and have always wanted to. I am really hoping this is the year I finally try one or the other. Bonus the boy loves going – so hopefully he’s willing to help me through it.

2. Cross Country Ski
I haven’t done it since college, but it’s something that I really would like to get out and do again.

3. Snowshoe
Snowshoeing is one of my favorite winter activities, it really allows me to get out there and explore the snowy terrain.

4. Hot tub in the snow
Seriously, so much fun and calming.

5. Head up north to check out the ice caves, ice balls, pancakes…etc.
The great lakes produce some serious amazingness in the winter.

6. Go tubing
Great way to get out and have some innocent fun.

7. Fat bike in the snow
because who wouldn’t want to bike in the snow?

8. Ride a snowmobile
Haven’t been on one in awhile and would just be fun to get out and see some new scenery.

9. Go ice skating
I’m not a great skater, but I love going and it’s always such a good time.